Hello Blog World!


Hey Ladies! Welcome to the Be Well Blog. I am hoping you can all log on and start blogging away. This is such a great forum for us to share what is going on in our quest for wellness-and anything else for that matter. Lots of fun things to uncover! I want to make sure everyone knows about the Natural Chef dinner Sept. 23rd. http://www.yournaturalchef.com. These dinners are so fun and tasty.

Also, I am still learning the ins and outs of wordpress….bear with me.



One Response to “Hello Blog World!”

  1. Wine Loving NY Yogi Says:

    Thanks for getting us started Amy! I’ve signed up for a special package at Prana Power Yoga near Union Square. If I can practice their very intense heated power flow yoga for 14 days in a row (with no exceptions) I’ll get two weeks free. I’m hoping the sweat and some healthy eating will kick start my body before we tackle the 3-week Clean on October 5th.

    Day two is done and I feel simultaneously enthused and exhausted.

    Just saw Food Inc yesterday and think it should be required viewing for the group. Has anyone else caught it? It’s a must!! Please organize a Portland viewing and dinner and conference me in for the conversation. xoxo

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