Food Inc…get to know your farmer!


The movie was well done and intense. It covered a lot I think we already know and certainly unveiled a lot I didn’t. The parallel between the tobacco industry and the industrialization of food is glaring!

Everyone should see it!

P.S. thanks to Krissy for saving our seats. Jolie and I were turned away at the door due to a SOLD OUT show. Portland loves a food film.

Girls-give your feedback too!


5 Responses to “Food Inc…get to know your farmer!”

  1. Krissy Says:

    I’m still working on a name!

    I agree, I think the movie was a lot of what I knew, but I learned a lot, as well! Unfortunately, it seems like the people who choose to see movies like this, are already pretty aware of what’s going on. I’m trying to convince my friend to watch it and give his high school Government students extra credit to go see it! I think it should be required viewing!

    I know people who haven’t seen it because they’re afraid it will make them want to stop eating meat. I have to admit, I’m happy I don’t eat meat or chicken after watching it, but I don’t think it really pushed for vegetarianism…What do you ladies think??

  2. pictureofhealth Says:

    Yeah I think it is always good to be reminded of this stuff. Even if we’ve seen it before. It is pretty trippy how we just go to the market and can buy anything they have with no idea how it was made or what is in there! I thought is was so crazy how the animal slaughterhouses etc would not let cameras in- they had to be hidden- like, if it’s not bad then why not show it? Duh!
    I don’t think the film pushed for vegetarianism because it showed the farmers who raise and kill healthy animals. I think it just wants us to know there is a difference and vote at the market!
    PS half dead chickens sputtering upside down on the floor do not get my vote

  3. runforwine Says:

    Good idea Krissy. I think it should be required viewing for all students!
    I am with Jolie in that it did not deter me from being a meat eater (although I rarely eat meat because something else always sounds better). Movies like Super Size Me are the ones that can successful turn someone off of industrialized meat forever.

    Has anyone seen King Korn? It is next on my list. Apparently the dude that put it out is from Lake Oswego. Gotta support my peeps-Tristan, you too!

  4. runforwine Says:

    I am trying to figure out a way that all of us BW’s can manage the account and write posts, rather than just comments. Any ideas?

  5. Wine Loving NY Yogi Says:

    Gals. Please tell me you’ll never buy hamburger meat again unless you know the one cow, deer, pig, turkey, chicken it came from. The bit about typical burgers containing the meat of 1,000 cows would certainly put a damper in any tailgate soiree this fall.

    Just returned from the Farmer’s Market in Union Square and have to say the film informed all of my choices. The only non-local piece of produce I purchased was an avocado from Whole Foods across the street. Think the benefit of the omega-3’s balances out the carbon footprint. That’s what I’m telling myself because they’re just so delicious.

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