Portobello: Thumbs Up!


I had dinner there tonight and it gets high marks from this camp. Super cozy (coffee shop by day, vegan spot by night).

We shared the gnocchi and portobello steak with polenta and started with the pickled veggie plate. $4 glasses of sulfite-free wine-heck yeah!

Let me know if you are interested in trying it out…I am definitely in for another dinner there.

Also, I made Jolie and Amanda administrators on the blog, everyone else who wants to comment should log on and I will make you an admn. so that your comments become posts.


2 Responses to “Portobello: Thumbs Up!”

  1. glassinhand Says:

    Yum, I’d love to try Portobello! It sounds really good!

  2. pictureofhealth Says:

    I am totes in. Especially considering my latest post. Check it…

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