You are what you eat exhibit


Hey gals,

Slow Food Portland is collaborating on a show at Ampersand gallery that opens tomorrow eve on NE 29th & Alberta. I really want to check it out-it looks like a cool exhibit. Might be fun to go before the Natural Chef Dinner. Any takers? We could meet at the gallery at 6?


5 Responses to “You are what you eat exhibit”

  1. glassinhand Says:

    Sounds very cool! I might need to work right up until the dinner, but if not, I’m in!

  2. pictureofhealth Says:

    I will meet you there!

  3. pictureofhealth Says:

    PS I bought a bottle of sulfate free wine for dinner tonight!! Jax is bringing a bottle too… maybe someone should bring sparkling water instead of wine cause do we really need a bottle a person??

  4. glassinhand Says:

    Ladies, Connie Apa would love to go tonight, but it’s full. If anyone who was planning on going with you guys decides to flake, let me know! xo

  5. runforwine Says:

    Have her call Abby directly, there is usually a spot last minute. I have sparkling H2O covered!

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