Bono, can you hear us?

The BeWell gals

The BeWell gals

What a great evening! The Natural Chef Dinners are a true find, and we have the Portland Monthly gals to thank for this. $18 treats you to a 5 course vegan/non-vegan family style dinner to enjoy with byo wine/whatever…Tonight did not disappoint. The flavors that prevailed in each dish impressed the crowd and certainly have me signed up for the next dinner.

While the food rocked, I’m sure I can speak for most in that the highlight of the night was the sheer thought that BONO was even thinking, let alone, speaking/singing/texting via Amanda about BeWell!

I am leaving it at this, because it is perfect. BeWell is for anyone, famous or not who has an interest in the “good life, with a conscience”.

Spread the word.



One Response to “Bono, can you hear us?”

  1. pictureofhealth Says:

    I swear i’ve been hearing U2 songs nonstop in the last 24 hours. I always turn up a U2 song but now I crank it up another notch at the idea of having a BeWell connection! Love it

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