Clean is the word…


I cracked open my copy of Clean by Alejandro Junger this morning on my flight to Denver to shoot Hotmixology. In case you’re concerned, I do understand the irony of reading about getting tox-free en route to film a TV show committed to drinking. When someone unlocks the door to finding balance, invite me along!

While I’m super excited about getting Clean and detoxing my 4 layers of skin of all the nasty biznass of daily life, I’m a little concerned that I’m going to need to hire Gwynie’s cook for the week. I want to be Clean but I also want to be free of BO and bad breath. Is that too much to ask?

I’m looking for a tox-free mouthwash and a laundry mat in NYC that’s organic. After I find both, I’m going to pull over on the highway to hug one of the trees that’s been languishing in the pollution it’s whole life.

Jojo, how’d you do it?!


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