CLEAN. It’s more than just a way to eat!


I did something I have needed to do, increasingly, for over 3 years. I gathered my embarrassing collection of old running shoes and donated them to NIKE, where they recycle them and make new shoes and tracks and such. Most of these shoes weren’t even NIKE-no matter.


(2 of the 4 bags)

Next was the bathroom, of which I wish I had a photo. Make-up from 2005? Gross. Medicine we brought with us from NY? Toxic. Having almost nothing in comparison in the bathroom cupboards is liberating!

I feel much better having unloaded all of this and I am in the process of butchering my closet now-lots of cute clothes if anyone is interested.


5 Responses to “CLEAN. It’s more than just a way to eat!”

  1. glassinhand Says:

    You’ve inspired me, I’m going to clean out this weekend! I am also for SURE interested in any cute clothes that are too big for you!

  2. runforwine Says:

    Too big? Hardly, but you should have a look. I have some of it on ebay and another load sitting in a bag-lots of old work stuff I never wear anymore!

  3. pictureofhealth Says:

    Um, I still have makeup from the vogue closet. We’re talking year 2000!! What the?? I don’t use it- but I have it. Nasty. It’s time to purge.
    Also, am so excited about the grey Vince dress from Amy’s throwaways. Let me know if there is anything else Gwyneth would aprove of.

  4. runforwine Says:

    I am going to do some sort of sale next week-assuming I can still walk. Stay tuned ladies!

  5. glassinhand Says:

    I have a huge makeup case and I literally only use the 5 new things that sit right on top. It’s scary to think about what’s under there! I use MAC eyeshadows and lipsticks and I’m sure you’re all aware, but for every six empties you bring in, they’ll give you a free lipstick! Last time I did this, the gal was shocked at how long some of the stuff I was bringing had been discontinued. Yikes!

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