Skincare…Super Natural vs. Super Effective


I would love for you ladies to weigh in on skincare.  I am acne-prone, sensitive, oily, dry, wrinkly . . . you name it, that’s me.  While I realize that diet and water intake play the biggest part (I go through life severely dehydrated and can survive for days on coffee and wine), it seems like products are important, too. 

I go through phases where I’ll use all natural products and then end up switching back to super harsh things like Proactiv.  I’ve heard you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat . . . but it seems like most of the natural, paraben-free products have oil in them, which equals breakouts.  Another doctor I saw reminded me that Poison Oak is natural, so just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s great for your skin!

This goes back to Amanda’s post about natural deodorants and mouthwash.  Must we resort to Dr. Bronner’s for skin, shave and hair?  Where does one draw the line in getting CLEAN?


6 Responses to “Skincare…Super Natural vs. Super Effective”

  1. ladolcevitapdx Says:

    Yay, my first post on one of my favorite topics! I too have dehydrated, finicky skin and began my quest for effective natural beauty products to help calm it sans harsh chemicals. Well, after years of sampling, I’ve come across some gems that have worked wonders for my skin and are all almost completely natural. Here’s the list:

    Face wash & Toner: Avalon Organics Vitamin C (I tone only in the summer, it does contain alcohol)
    Serum: Kiss My Face ‘C the Change’
    SPF: La Roche Posay Anthelios SX (here’s where I cheat, natural doesn’t combat UVA very well. UVA = wrinkles)
    Night Cream: Avalon Organics CoQ10 night cream
    Exfoliate: Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub or Derma E Glycolic Peel
    Mask: Burt’s Bees Pore Refining Clay Mask (you will not see your pores after using this!)
    Body Wash: Alba Botanical Very Emollient washes

    As for Amanda’s are my go-to products:

    Deodorant: Kiss My Face Liquid Rock (only if you are not a heavy sweater)
    Mouthwash: Tom’s of Maine

    All are available through VitaCost. Good luck!

  2. glassinhand Says:

    Thanks Lindsay! I’m definitely going to try some of these out! My naturopath recommends Dr. Hauschka, but it’s so spendy! Has anyone tried that line?

    A note on deodorant – I noticed when I cut out dairy, I needed it a lot less!

  3. pictureofhealth Says:

    One of the products Linds listed- Derma E Microdermabrasion scrub- is incredible. I can not believe how soft my skin is after using it! I am hooked.

    Yes, I am also a product addict so if anyone has anything they think is superb, please share!

    Also Vitacost is the best for purchasing. Everything is significantly cheaper than at the store.

  4. ladolcevitapdx Says:

    One website that has always been very helpful to me when it comes to picking products is the Environmental Working Group’s site called Skin Deep. It is a database of practically every beauty product out there and each product is given a numerical rating of toxicity. It is eye opening, so I’d recommend checking it out before any of you start Clean. I’d add it to the Blog Roll…but I don’t know how! 🙂

  5. runforwine Says:

    Lindsay! You’re a wealth of info. Thanks for this…I’ll add it. For future reference ladies, you go to the links icon on the left when you are posting and it should explain itself from there.

  6. runforwine Says:

    I recently bought Say Yes to Carrots Exfoliant Wash. I am loving it!!!! You massage it into your face for a minute and I swear, soft as a baby’s butt for the next day+. This time of year is the worst for my skin, the transition from summer heat to dry weather takes is toll. Funny enough, I had much better skin quality and elasticity in NYC-apparently my skin thrived in a more humid-toxic environment. What luck.

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