Almost Clean!


Hello ladies! As I enter my final week of Clean, I thought I should finally post about it. I’m not going to lie, after two weeks, I was officially over it. While it is no longer difficult to eat in this way, it is more the delicious ecstasy of biting into food that you can’t wait to eat that I dearly miss (I’m Italian, I love food, sorry!). I’ve decided the only way I can get through week three and the food cravings is to ramp up my yoga practice and detox all the negative feelings out of me.

I already practice Ashtanga yoga twice a week with Near East Yoga, but had a yoga date with my massage therapist (the FAB Gina Hoffmann at Hawthorne Chiro!) at The Bhaktishop to try something new. Girls, it was AWESOME and exactly what I needed to reset my mind on the goal. The classes are fun and unique and the beautiful singing and chanting will resonate in your soul long after class. If you haven’t tried it yet, this place is a must in combo with Clean and a much needed jolt if the juicing gets you down. Gina was kind enough to give me the Intro Unlimited Week as a gift, so I will be there all week trying out classes. If any of you Portland ladies are interested in joining me, let me know, I have one free pass!


2 Responses to “Almost Clean!”

  1. runforwine Says:

    Thanks Lindsay! Your words are resonating, and I am only on day 2. I’d love to take a class at the Bhaktishop…I need to play it by ear for the next day or 2 and let my legs heal from Sunday.

    Glad you found a way to feel good when things good uncomfortable.

  2. glassinhand Says:

    A girlfriend of mine is a huge fan of Corepower and seems to have unlimited free week passes she’s constantly handing out. Her goal is to convert everyone! My problem is finding a week that I can go as often as I’d like! If anyone would like a free week, let me know!

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