Christmas Came Early!



Herve and I swung by Abby’s Table to drop off some nectar and she was very excited by her latest acquisition-an industrial size VitaMix. Needless to say, we will be tasting something fabulous out of this very soon!

Also, 3 of us BeWellers are on CLEAN right  now. Those of you who have done it, please chime in with words of wisdom. So far so good for Tristan, Amanda and I!


2 Responses to “Christmas Came Early!”

  1. ladolcevitapdx Says:

    Best of luck with Clean Ladies!!! I’ve got a few more days left. Just remember: the pineapple & avocado gazpacho is the best, King Harvest hummus saved me and I hope you have a compost pile going already. After week one you will start to feel *amazing*!

  2. glassinhand Says:

    I made a huge pot of vegan chili and a batch of vegan chocolate chip cookies this weekend that I’m making my way through, but as soon as that’s gone, I’m goin’ CLEAN! I’m ready!

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