apple + ginger + anything = tasty


Day 3 of Clean and can safely say that I couldn’t do this without a juicer. Props to my friend Austin who’s move precipitated his Revel finding a temporary home on the counter of my tiny West Village apartment. I think the larger your kitchen, the more Clean you can be. Compost? Not in this crib baby.

This morning I’m starting with a apple, carrot, spinach, kale and ginger juice and it’s great. I was making it while on the phone with my mom who promptly declared it “gross.” Detox is not a very midwestern pursuit. I would be interested to hear everyone’s experience telling people that you’re doing Clean. It wasn’t a huge issue at bowling last night but when asked, I found it hard to give a succinct explanation.

In one line, can you tell me, why Clean?


7 Responses to “apple + ginger + anything = tasty”

  1. runforwine Says:

    Juicing is great. As most of you know, my juicer was on fire all summer. Interestingly enough, I have yet to juice on CLEAN. The smoothies seem to be more filling in terms of ingredients, so I have gravitated towards them in the a.m.

    I found doing this cleanse super easy socially because unlike other times in my life where in my head I have thought “I shouldn’t drink tonight”, I more often than not, cave. With CLEAN, I have been so public about doing it, that it takes the pressure off.

    My answer to why when asked, (and cleansing is such a phenomenon these days, at least in these parts it often isn’t challenged-except by my husband)
    I’m cleansing to recalibrate.

    Last night I had a very hard time falling asleep. I am not sure if this is cleanse attributed or not, but thought I’d throw it out there.

  2. namastewinos Says:

    Cleansing to recalibrate is genius. It’s smart and right on the money.

    With the smoothies, have you been making your own nut milks or buying organic? I’m going away this weekend and think the smoothies will be my salvation on the road.

    They don’t make a travel juicer. Oh my gosh, we may have thought of the next big thing…

  3. runforwine Says:

    The Energy Smoothie is delicious-with almond butter, it has lots of staying power.

  4. glassinhand Says:

    I’m only about halfway done with the Clean book, so I’m thinking I’ll officially start the cleanse on Saturday. This way I won’t subject my co-workers to Krissy sans coffee. I’m all about juicing and blending and sometimes do it for breakfast and dinner anyway because I’m not much of a cook, but what are you ladies eating for lunch?

    PS: Cucumber juice is amazing. Mine this morning included apple, carrot, kale, cucumber, celery and ginger.

    • runforwine Says:

      The lunch recipes are great! I am currently enjoying my second day of salmon, broccoli and quinoa. I find the portions perfect for this type of thing, where morning and night are liquid.

  5. ladolcevitapdx Says:

    Yes, smoothies in the morning for the first week really helped me with the energy thing! I didn’t start juicing every morning until the second week and still threw in a smoothie once and awhile for extra energy.

    Speaking of energy, after the sluggishness of week one, I noticed a HUGE increase in energy. I couldn’t sit still, had to do the dishes immediately after cooking, etc…things not exactly in my character! However, one thing that has been odd to me is that I don’t feel like I have the same amount of mental energy. It feels like I’m just a few calories shy of mental clarity. Let me know if you ladies experience this after week one.

  6. kelly Says:

    About a month ago I was experiencing some fatigue and also dealing with some minor skin irritations that my dermatologist couldn’t diagnose (much less tell me what was causing it). I called a naturopath who was recommended to me and can I say, I am changed forever. It was like being in therapy — for the body! I spent 90 minutes talking with her about food, history, lifestyle and goals. She was not only able to diagnose my symptoms but has cured me of them through a couple of additional vitamin supplements. I wanted to recommenhd her to any of you who may be looking for a Naturopathic doctor — her name is Carmen Ripley (503-445-7767). Love her!

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