Naturopath Endorsement


Hey All,

Kelly posted this as a comment, but I wanted to make it more visible cause this Carmen woman sounds pretty great.

Read below…

About a month ago I was experiencing some fatigue and also dealing with some minor skin irritations that my dermatologist couldn’t diagnose (much less tell me what was causing it). I called a naturopath who was recommended to me and can I say, I am changed forever. It was like being in therapy — for the body! I spent 90 minutes talking with her about food, history, lifestyle and goals. She was not only able to diagnose my symptoms but has cured me of them through a couple of additional vitamin supplements. I wanted to recommend her to any of you who may be looking for a Naturopathic doctor — her name is Carmen Ripley (503-445-7767). Love her!


One Response to “Naturopath Endorsement”

  1. glassinhand Says:

    Carmen is also my naturopath and I HIGHLY recommend her! She types on a laptop the entire time you meet with her and then prints out a sheet, one for your file and one for you to take with you with all of her recommendations and suggestions. She is very thorough and spends a ton of time with her patients. She is fabulous!

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