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A Friday Night Outing

November 16, 2009

how is Friday, December 4th for everyone? We could hit Barre 3’s new SE location for their open house and then go for dinner at Portobello. A perfect outing for the BeWellers. Let me know if you can make it and I will make a reservation at Portobello.




Portobello postponed

November 11, 2009

Lets through out a few dates post-Thanksgiving that work for us. We can’t meet without Jolie!

December 2nd?


November 10, 2009

Hi Ladies,

Hoping the group is up for a night out in the coming weeks? I think BeWellers need to reunite and talk about our next book. How is next Wednesday for dinner at Portobello?





News, big and not so big

November 1, 2009

Hey Ladies,

Wanted to update the BeWellers that our dear girl Krissy is on the mend after suffering from appendicitis. After nearly a week in the hospital she is back home and hopefully recovering quickly. Think good thoughts that she is back with her glass in hand soon!

On another note, after running into Lindsay tonight, I felt compelled to post. Upon completion of the cleanse I ran off to Florida and Dallas where I managed to take the CLEAN method and throw it out the window. I had  no real intention of keeping up that sort of strict plan, but I was planning on slowly bringing different food groups back into my diet as a way to hopefully identify some sinus issue triggers. That did not happen. I think I consumed wheat, dairy, sugar, wine and coffee within hours of each other on more than one occasion-nice. About  half way through the trip I started to feel the effects. My face developed a red rash around my nose and mouth and by the end of this week it had spread to my eyelids (???) and between my eyebrows. I am KICKING myself for not being  more diligent on the back-end of this program. I saw Carmen the holistic doctor during my clean period and she charted how I was supposed to reintegrate food into my diet. It was just too hard to do while traveling! We were staying with friends and I didn’t want to be “that person” who couldn’t eat half the dinner.

After 2 days of being home and basically being back on an elimination diet my rash/hive (?) situation has gotten under control, but needless to say, I am still baffled as to what is going on with my system. I see Carmen next week and I am anxious to hear what she has to say. I might be back on CLEAN just when I was getting used to drinking wine again!

Anyway, I just wanted to forewarn any of you who are thinking about “cleaning” to really take note of what happens after you start adding foods back into your diet. There is a lot of value in assessing how you feel and react afterwards. Learn from my mistake!