Girls who give


Great meeting on Friday night! I am excited and inspired by our decision to focus on giving for this term’s BeWell project. I am going to post the links for Care that I was talking about. Check out all the ways you can give if this speaks to you.

I love this video- so simple and powerful…

makes it really easy. I chose to send a girl to school for one year, but there are many other options including Microloans which have been super successful.

I’m looking forward to hearing about our experiences in giving!


2 Responses to “Girls who give”

  1. martizh Says:

    I made a donation to Care last ear – they are a great org. hopefully i will be employed soon so I can do more!

  2. runforwine Says:

    Thanks for posting Jolie, and what a great idea! I love starting 2010 this way. There are so many ways we can give and get involved. This is exciting!

    I plan on scheduling something with the group once I better know what January looks like for me. In the meantime, I bought sanitary pads for 1500 African women through the link Jolie posted….this one just really stood out to me as somewhat of a basic right that is often overlooked.

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