It’s the season for giving, so do it


I feel a little weird writing this post, but I figure if it inspires any of you to take action, then it’s worth it-there are beneficiaries on both sides.

This morning after a long run and a grocery shop at Whole Foods I was walking home and was kinda cold. I swore off Starbucks last New Years, but I figured a coffee would make my walk home that much warmer, so I sauntered in. Behind me in line was a woman who was clearly going through chemo. Though her pale skin and covered head made her seem much older, in looking at her face, she was probably mid-30’s. Ouch. We exchanged a quick smile-like thing and I was up to order. After what must have been a semi-second of deliberation in my head, I order my coffee and said to the barista girl “I’ll get hers too, the lady behind me-tell her happy holidays”. The barista girl replied “great, I already know what she’s getting, she’s here all the time”. I got my coffee and was off. It happened like that. I literally walked on water the few blocks home. Not because I cured cancer, but because it was SO EASY. To think for a moment, I almost didn’t do it wondering “is that weird?” Luckily, the rational side of me kicked in saying “It’s only coffee, step up”.

I’m happy we are focusing on giving in the new year. Cleanses make you feel good, exercise makes you feel good, but for fuck sake, people make the world go round-so spread some love to a stranger now and again! You deserve it.


3 Responses to “It’s the season for giving, so do it”

  1. liz Says:

    My students did an extra chore at home in order to earn money for my gift. This is just possibly the best gift I have ever gotten from my class after too many years to remember teaching. The gift was a $120 to Heifer Internqational. I or I should say we have shares in: trees…they are a tresure, chicks, a good choice, goats, the most giving animal around, rabbits they get results, and geese, they get results. One of our 1st grade mottos is, “You’re never too little to make a contribution.”
    You go girls.

  2. glassinhand Says:

    I love this, Amy. It’s funny, a friend of mine in SD just posted on her blog that she did the same thing at a Starbucks drive-thru and I thought, what a great, easy way to totally make someone’s day. Imagine what kind of world this would be if everyone just did one random act of kindness for a complete stranger! Inspiring!

  3. kelly Says:

    I am trying to instill this in my little gal — at the ripe old age of 2. In with the new means we need to give away some of the old (as in toys and clothing) to those in need. Now, she keeps trying to feed me her half eaten cookies…I’ll take them!

    The holiday season turns me into mush — I look around year after year and appreciate how lucky I am to have my health, my family and friends. I have never known life without these things — how did I get so lucky? Thanks for the inspirational posts ladies! We need to spread the love in 2010.

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