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Barre meets Bar

February 11, 2010

Lets do it!

At this point you all know that I need to host several free barre3 classes in order to actually get paid to teach this method. My suggestion? I teach a class in the Pearl for BeWellers and we then head over to MetroVino for a much deserved glass of wine.

I am tentatively throwing out next Wednesday. I still need to look at the schedule at Pearl barre3 location to confirm-but wanted to get this out there.

Thinking a 6PM class….

We can talk about Giving too.




February 6, 2010

Hi all,

Sorry if you have Tuesday on your calendar. It looks like Jolie got another job in LA and will be gone this week. Lets hold off til she is back.

Do know next tuesday you can come to one of my mock barre3 classes in SE at 4:00. Would love to see ya!