This is a forum for a group of friends to share and learn about different aspects of wellness. From nutrition and exercise to mental health, finances and beyond. BeWell is for anyone who has an interest in improving their overall state of wellness. We welcome all to chime in and contribute to leading the “good life with a conscience”.



2 Responses to “About”

  1. runforwine Says:

    Hey Ladies,

    Welcome to the Be Well Blog. I am hoping you can all log on and start blogging away. Lots of fun things to share!

    I want to make sure everyone knows about the Natural Chef dinner Sept. 23rd. http://www.yournaturalchef.com. These dinners are so fun!

  2. Sadie Lincoln Says:

    This is SO great! I find that learning from smart and health-savvy people gives me the best results. There is so much noise out there about how to get healthy and this kind of forum will help us weed out the not-so-helpful and dive into the good!

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