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Free of Gluten Free!

April 1, 2010

That’s right. I back on the pizza, crusty bread, and beer. I tried pretty successfully to not care about my food intolerance but now that I’m on the other side I have to say wholeheartedly that it is WAY WAY BETTER to not have one.

Most of you have heard that my amazing mother gave me a gift of some treatments called NAET. Her good friend had success with them as well. The process is strange and illogical. And not for the faint of heart. And not cheap. Well, actually it is cheap at only $50 an hour long session. But after 20+ treatments you can do the math. But I am testifying that it works. And I completely love my girl and recommend her to anyone. Her name is Erin Kenning, she works out of the Kwan-Yin Healing Arts Center on Flanders and NW 23rd. 503.701.8766

In 20 weeks she cleared me of my problems with gluten, dairy, and eggs. But also she got my hormones back in balance and got my cycle regular with no cramps or pms. No small feat considering my former state.

I’d be happy to talk to anyone who wants more information! I can’t think of a better investment in Being Well!



Girls who give

December 10, 2009

Great meeting on Friday night! I am excited and inspired by our decision to focus on giving for this term’s BeWell project. I am going to post the links for Care that I was talking about. Check out all the ways you can give if this speaks to you.

I love this video- so simple and powerful…

makes it really easy. I chose to send a girl to school for one year, but there are many other options including Microloans which have been super successful.

I’m looking forward to hearing about our experiences in giving!

More in the food debate…

September 23, 2009

Hey! My first real post! Just wanted to say that I just finished “Skinny Bitch.” I honestly never thought I would say this but I am seriously considering becoming a vegetarian. I can’t believe how many documentaries I’ve seen and books I’ve read that never made me feel this way. Nope is was freakin Skinny Bitch. For whatever reason things they said are having me think about it completely differently. Still processing…. we’ll see….